Why our partners choose Corrosion Technology Australia
Complete turn-key package
Consistent on-time project satisfaction
Extensive experience in fluid transport and storage systems
Unrivaled customer service experience
Exceptional product quality standard
Specialised individual product selection to suit a wide range of chemicals.
Specific resin selection for highly corrosive chemicals and fluids.

To meet the demands of development of new technologies and materials, Corrosion Technology Australia is constantly evolving there manufacturing techniques to meet the complex working environments.


Some of our clients are:










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Some advantages of composite FRP piping systems
FRP will resist intergranular, crevice, pitting, cavitation and galvanic corrosion.
High strength to weight ratio
Pipe spans similar to steel
Higher chemical resistance than steel
Temperature resistance - 135° C (275° F)
Pressure resistance – 3100 kPa (450 psi)
Moldability –virtually any shape with no restriction.


We design solutions for a wide range of industrial projects Australia wide.

Some of the industries that we work with are:

-          Mining and Minerals

-          Oil and Gas

-          Chemical Processing

-          HVAC

-          Pulp and Paper

-          Electrical Utility


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Utilities industry area of focus:
Water Industry
Waste water treatment plants

Water industry

Corrosion Technology Australia provides an expanding range of high quality composites for use in the water and waste water industries.


The principles and senior management have a combined total experience of well over 100 years’ experience in designing solutions for the water industry.




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